Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Scion XP: The New Vehicle in Toyota's Lineup

Toyota's Scion lineup has been wildly successful, and with the continued expansion of the brand Toyota plans on releasing a new vehicle dubbed the Scion xP-- the letter 'P' for pickup of course! And, like all of Scion's other products, the car will appeal to the previously ignored Generation Y crowd looking for a hip, urban vehicle.

The Scion truck is unlike your typical entry-level pickup and is modeled after the Fuse concept car. The xP sports numerous trendy and urban styling features similar to it's Scion counterparts as well as some new and innovative features. Some of the jazzy features include a tailgate that unfolds into a seat for two, rear unfolding speakers, and a beverage cooler in the rear center console. Sketches of the vehicle exemplify an “urban-esque” pickup with, aggressive styling features, a low and tall body profile, and even a hood scoop. The engine specs are quite conservative for the truck--a 161 horsepower, 2.4 cylinder engine is under the hood, which should provide reasonable fuel economy for an entry level pickup.

According to, the MSRP starting price of the xP is estimated at around $12,000 which is considerably cheap for the features, options, and styling the coupe sports. Most analysts are predicting that the xP should do quite well in the entry-level pickup segment as the only "real" competitor is the Ford Ranger--a small pickup that hasn't seen any improvements for quite a few years now. Another benefit for Toyota, is that once they hook some of the younger buyers with the xP, they can than transition them to their "more mature" Toyota Tundra. This will enable them to keep long, satisfied customers coming back for more.

The Scion xP is scheduled to be released in 2010. It would not be a surprise to me if the vehicle outsold the Ford Ranger, and helped Toyota to further increase their market share over it's "Big 3" rivals. The test of time will tell, and consumer response will soon unfold after the 2010 mark is soon reached.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Scion Brand - True Innovation in Marketing

- Written/Authored by Ryan Lawson

The Scion brand is truly a marketing innovation come true for its umbrella company Toyota based out of Aichi, Japan. Their subsidiary brand has catered to a target market previously ignored by other car manufacturers; it has literally revolutionized the car industry with its new youth oriented Scion brand. The company's brand is both unique and exciting in two ways: it offers customization options not seen any where else and it has become a "magnet" for younger consumers. In fact, Toyota's Scion brand has the youngest audience of any automaker: the average age of its driver is only 31. The company's Scion website is a marketing feat in and of itself. Dozens of modified Scion TC photo shots enthrall the organization's flashy website. There company even owns a separate Scion parts website dedicated to aftermarket parts alone ranging from body kits to performance parts.

Scion's lead selling car, the Scion TC, portrays exactly what youth buyer's are looking for. An affordable vehicle that offers value, styling, and customization options. Buyers can add on options such as neon underglow lights, Scion TC body kits, superchargers, door sills, carbon fiber b pillars, and more all from the dealer.

While this is a very fast growing brand, Toyota is not looking for there Scion brand to gain mass appeal. Marketing managers state that the company will continue to innovate and focus on continuing to satisfy the demands and needs of younger auto consumers. Scion is planning, however, to continue expanding their product line with newer products such as the xD. I'm assuming that all of there new products will continue to build upon the past success of their flagship TC, while simultaneously offering new options, creative and innovative body styling, and countless aesthetic upgrades.